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Customization Options

Materials :

               -Sterling Silver

   Jewelry grade 925 sterling silver is our most commonly used silver alloy and serves as the band for a number of ArtUSVI's 2-tone designs. We also commonly use 935+ germanium and/or argentium silver for its superior tarnish resistance. .999 fine silver is also available by request.

               -14k Yellow Gold

   Certified 14k yellow gold is one of my personal favorites to work with. She is always welcome at my bench. We also work in 18k and purer by request.

               -14k White Gold

   A superior choice for 2-tone jewelry when coupled with its yellow counterpart, and equally elegant on its own, this certified 14k white gold is sure to shine. Available in 18k by request.

               -14k Pink "Rose" Gold

   A warmer alternative to traditional yellow gold.. Adds an element of deep tones while retaining the tarnish-free finish of gold. Rose gold is highly recommended for use in 2-tone pieces.



Styles :              

               -Hook Bracelets

   Go traditional with a hook bangle from ArtUSVI. Featuring such designs as the "Mermaid's Tear", the "Moon&Tide", "Athena's Shackle", "Poseidon's Storm Anchor" and many more varieties.

               -Hinged Cuffs

   Step out of the ordinary with a custom hinged bangle, a little more complex,

yet done in Island style.

               -Chain-Linked Bracelets

   Another option is adding a handmade chain element to your piece. Each link is hand bent,

soldered and polished with care.

               -2-Tone Designs

   Create a beautiful contrast in your design by adding elements of color! Try combinations of golds, or silver & gold to create your unique treasure.

Finishes :

                -Hammered Texture

   Put her on the anvil, we need some texture on this one! Add character with a precisely hand hammered texture to an element of your custom piece. works well with the rustic patina option.

                -Rustic Patina

   There's a little trick to it, but when done right, a sulfuric patina can be added to your piece at finish. This option provides a beautifully rustic element of contrast; changing the surface of the metal into a collage of vibrant to dark hues. High profile surfaces can be polished afterward to achieve the desired luster and intensity of contrast. (Caution! Do NOT acid treat!)

                 -Brushed Finish

   Time to kick on the solar powered inverter and power up that flex shaft! The stainless steel wire wheel does a great job texturing gold and silver surfaces. Excellent for use in reliefs or on reticulated surfaces.

                 -High Shine Polish

   High luster buffed finish is very shiny and reflective. A great option for finishing most jewelry, but often requires routine polishing. (check your local jewelry retailer for an appropriate polishing cloth for this finish. I recommend Sunshine cloth from RioGrande [not affiliated])

Placing your custom order:

                  1 - Consider your options.

   After you have browsed and found your inspiration, please use this list of features and options which should prove helpful in ironing out the details of your unique design.

              2 - Request a sketch.

   Please contact via Etsy (This is preferred, but any contact option will do) to request a sketch. Sketches are drafted for a $60 deposit (refundable with purchase of custom order)

   What your deposit gets you: 

-Conceptual Jewelry Design (hand drafted)

-Price Estimate Quote (based on materials+labor)

             3 - Approve your order.

   After you have received the sketch(s) from our concept artist, please review them carefully. This is the time to make any changes or to refine the design. Once you have approved your custom order by purchasing the Custom Order item here, you will not be able to change the order. (Please be sure to select the correct total from your invoice to ensure you receive your refundable deposit. )

              4 - It's in our hands now.

   Thank you for choosing ArtUSVI. We are anxious to craft the latest addition to your collection. Please allow for roughly 2 weeks time for manufacturing. Shipping is complimentary on most orders.

               5 - We'll send you the tracking number.

   Just check your Etsy inbox.

               6 - Got a minute?

   We would love to hear your thoughts. ArtUSVI aims to provide the best possible products and customer service we can from this little island. If you enjoyed your experience with us please feel free to leave us a review on Etsy or Facebook

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