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These are just a few of our traditional Caribbean designs from the studio at ArtUSVI.

Each of our bracelets are one of a kind in their own right; made by hand with love and only quality materials.  Works of art from our limited-edition series are all engraved by hand, uniquely numbered and personally signed by the artist.

We hope you will be as proud to wear an ArtUSVI as we are to be able to bring you these truly special keepsakes from our %100 solar-powered studio in the beautiful Virgin Islands.



An ArtUSVI classic hook bangle.

935 sterling & 14k bracelet.

Starting at $325.oo

Athena's Shackle.jpg


Limited Edition, Post-Hurricane.

935 sterling & 14k bracelet.

Starting at $350.oo


Athena's Shackle

In Honor of Capt. Richard A. Benson.

935 sterling & 14k bracelet.

*Starting at $265.oo

V.I. Hook

ArtUSVI Original Virgin Islands Bangle.

935 sterling & 14k bracelet.

Starting at $235.oo


Looking for something custom?

Or were you

Look no further!

We specialize in crafting artisan treasures.

There's just a little conceptualizing to be done first;

I imagine you have an idea in mind?

Perfect!  Let's brainstorm!

Please take a moment to consider the options below.

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