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Frequently Asked Questions

-Does ArtUSVI make custom Jewelry and artwork?

   We sure do! ArtUSVI offers jewelry design and fabrication as well as some other fun services like custom paintings on canvas and even graphic design!

Click here to view our custom jewelry options.


-Where is ArtUSVI located? Where is the store?

   We operate from our top-secret subterranean base in Antarctica!

Just kidding! , ArtUSVI is a US Virgin Islands based jewelry studio however unlike many shops on island, we do not have a physical storefront; our retail shop is right here online!

Check out our online gallery here.


Visit our Etsy shop here.


-How do I measure my wrist to find out my bracelet size?

   I measure a few different ways depending on what tools I have on hand,

but basically I'm looking for inches of circumference

Usually a half inch larger than a "tight" fit is good and comfortable. 

You can use a fabric ruler ideally , but a piece of string will do the trick as well if you have a straight ruler or tape measure handy. I just wrap the string loosely around your wrist and pinch the ends of the string. You can put your hand upward and then downward to see how far the string loop is able to travel up the arm and ensure it will not bee too tight or simply fall off the hand. When you think you have found a good fit, just pinch the extra string and lay the part that was wrapped flat on your ruler. That should give a good estimate of wrist size.


-Have another question?

We are happy to help!

Please message your question on our contact page here.

We will get back with an answer as soon as we can.

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